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5 Best Video Editing Apps in 2021

5 Best Video Editing Apps in 2021

blogserba.com-Nowadays, many people love video editing activities to produce video entertainment wrapped in interesting vlogs.
Interestingly, other than video editing activities that can be done via a personal computer (PC), this can now also be done via smartphone.
Users also don’t have to bother sending or transferring files from PC to mobile when video editing is complete.
Within minutes, the edited video can be instantly uploaded to YouTube channel or other social media directly through the smartphone.

Here are 5 of the best smartphone video editing apps that can be downloaded on PlayStore or AppStore easily and almost all of them are free:

1. Movie Maker

Movie Maker also has handy features that make it easy for beginners to produce high quality video edits. Its features include live video effects, video cutting and merging, text animation effects, slideshow music, and much more.
This Microsoft-designed app has a high definition video output, so users don’t have to hesitate to upload their edits to the YouTube channel.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

adobe premier clip
Adobe Premiere Clip does not seem to be much different from the PC video editing application owned by the famous software development company Adobe.
This application which can be obtained by Android and iOS users has many editing features including features of cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters and other aesthetic effects. Another advantage is that users won’t be bothered by ads being crunched.


VivaVideo is also designed with a simple interface and commonly used features such as video trimming, effects, music, transitions, and various other effects.
In addition, VivaVideo provides hundreds of effects from stickers to animated clips and subtitles. Users can also add text within the video. The available slow motion effects are also able to make the video content more quality and attract viewers.

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4. KineMaster

KineMaster is a video editing app created by NexStreaming. KineMaster is said to have an easy-to-use interface and features similar to an editor on a PC, and many users have loved it.
YouTube users tend to choose to use KineMaster as it has many editing features, including adding effects, audio filters, various video effects, funny effects, transitions, and many other fun features.

5. Inshot

Inshot has an excellent feature in the form of a user version of the background music template. Inshot is also capable of cutting and merging videos and inserting music effects. Not only that, but many filters and effects are also provided to give a different atmosphere from the original photo or video.
This video editing app that can be used by Android and iOS users is often used to blur the background to add text, before uploading it to social media. Users can also add various funny stickers to add more value to the edited video.

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